About Traci


M.A. Education

B.S. Psychology




  • Licensed Teacher, Tutor
  • Education Consultant
  • Experienced Homeschooler
  • Freelance Writer
  • Experience Collector
  • Resource Sharer


I am a teacher who loves to encourage others and share resources together, my favorites and your own. I am also a writer. My focal interests are educationpersonal development, and social justice, and my writing tribe lives in literary memoir and poetry.

My training and background are in human services and education, working with students, families, and schools to achieve personal and academic goals. I also successfully homeschooled my own three children off and on since the early days when it was still considered a weird thing. Before all that, though, I managed bookstores, and indulged (still indulge) an out-of-control addiction to all things books, reading, and writing.

  • Coming Soon!  

Upcoming publications: poetry selections are pending. There are also two book-length projects underway. I’ll share the publication links here for purchase when they are released, so please check back, or leave me your contact information so you can be among the first to receive timely updates.