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From Tin House Publishers: Before the Feast, by Saša Stanišić   For those who love the art of words well crafted, this book! What justice it does in its painting of the humanity and the personality of a longstanding, fictional German community, which extends beyond even the population itself. I loved the book, and am in […]

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I am beginning to grow a hearty collection of links here to the places, people and resources in the virtual world that I think you’ll be glad to know. If you see it here, I usually have it myself and it’s worked well for me and my own family, or else I’ve helped others use […]

Gifts and Treats

  Stuff worth showing up for, because doesn’t everyone love gifts and goodies? I know I do. ******* Well, here’s a nifty gift for you! It’s almost August. Do you know what that means? Homeschooling parents all across the land are puttering around, gathering their supplies for the upcoming school year. Yes, I said it: […]